Ayurvedic Stress Management

As we are all aware, all varieties of stress is anxiety based. While some people may cope with stress more quickly than others, many find it extremely difficult to recover from stressful events. There are different types of stress, all of which carry physical and mental health risks. A stress may be a one time or short term occurrence, or it can also be an occurrence that keeps happening over a long period of time. In any of these cases, they have a major influence upon one’s mood, sense of well-being, behavior, and above all on the person’s health. Acute stress responses in young and healthy individuals may be adaptive and may not impose a health burden. However, if the threat is unremitting, particularly in older or unhealthy individuals, its long-term effects can damage the health.

A person living with high levels of stress is one who puts one’s entire well-being at risk. Stress to a large extent can also wreak havoc on your emotional equilibrium, your physical health, your ability to think clearly, function effectively, and even enjoy life.

Ayurvedic stress relief treatment includes the following:

Full-body massage with medicated herbal oils to relief tension from muscles and joints
Head massage and deep tissue oil pouring massage to strengthen hormonal secretions
A head massage followed by the continuous pouring of warm herbal oil/milk/buttermilk on the forehead for 45 minutes to 1 hour to cool the nervous system.
Warm herbal oils put on the head and kept for one hour to cool the cerebral and nervous systems.
Special powder mixed with medicated herbal oil applied on the head.
Special herbal pastes applied to the entire body
Steam bath
Given after the full body massage
Ayurvedic diet
Given to counteract the stress relief chemicals
During Yoga, many powerful techniques are used to relieve stress layer by layer from the physical body, mental body, energy body, intellectual body so as to finally reach the supreme happiness state

Duration of Therapy

Usually duration of the treatmemnt is 14-21 days

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