Rejuvenation Therapy(Rasayana Chikilsa)

Rejuvenation therapy is known as Rasayana in ayurveda. This therapy is one of the eight branches of ayurveda.Rasayana is a special type of treatment containing various methods of rejuvenation. It derives from 'Rasa' and 'Ayana.' The literal meaning of Rasa is the essence of something. Anything ingested into the body in the form of food or medicine is first resynthesized into Rasa Dhatu, the basic plasma tissue. Ayana is the method by which Rasa is carried to all the body tissues for biochemical metamorphosis (Rasakriya). The concept of Rasayana is based on these two principles of conservation and transmutation of energy. Rasayana therapy strives to improve physical, mental and moral Qualities. It prevents old age, restores youthfulness, improves the complexion and the voice, increases physical strength and immunity. It strengthens memory and intelligence, gives happiness to oneself, and a life which is beneficial to others

Indications for Rasayana Therapy

Rejuvenation Therapy is the life promoting, anti-aging jewel of Ayurveda. It can be the “nectar of immortality” with the proper knowledge, and should be a routine part of one’s health maintenance regimen. Here are some common indications of when Rasayana should be practiced:
‣  After a severe illness
‣  Mental exhaustion
‣  Physical exhaustion
‣  Vata disorders (insomnia,weakness, debility, emaciation…)
‣  Anemia
‣  Weakened immunity
‣  Chronic fatigue
‣  After age 40
‣  Sexual debility
‣  Infertility

Benefits of Rasayana Therapy

‑  Arrests premature aging.
‑  Enhances intelligence, memory, strength, youth, luster, sweetness of voice and vigor.
‑  Nourishes blood, lymph, flesh, adipose tissue and semen, and thus prevents degenerative changes and illnesses
‑  Improves metabolic processes, which results in the best possible biotransformation and produce the best-quality bodily tissues and eradicates senility and other diseases of old age.
‑  Has a marked action on sexual organs, and are called called vrishya substances as shukra dhatu is best nourished by it.
‑  Builds natural resistance against infection
‑  Invigorates the body in general by sustaining the required balance between anabolism and catabolism.

Duration of Therapy

This Treatment includes body massage with hand and foot by two masseurs with medicated oil and cream, internal rejuvenative medicines and medicated steam bath. This therapy is for 90 minutes to 2 hours per day for 7 to 14 days.

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